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on-the-go retail

Hangry connects brands with passengers by bringing products like snacks, beverages, electronics and selfcare into your next Rideshare and Taxi ride.

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For riders

You never quite know what you’ll need when you’re on the move.

An energy boost on your way to the big meeting, a phone charger when you’re down to 5%, or a much-needed snack at the end of the night—your time in a Rideshare or Taxi is sometimes the only chance you have to refuel and recharge on-the-go.

For drivers

Hangry helps supercharge your drive time with extra income, star ratings and tips. Download the app and apply today.
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In car placement

Your product is prominently displayed.

Mobile Checkout

Riders order on their device. Brand digital offers In Webapp.

Discover & Delight

Organic product discovery and engagement in-car.

Digital remarketing

Riders engage with digital and social media ads from brands they’ve sampled and purchased.


For brands

The new mobile retail and marketing channel connecting millions of people with your brands, every day.
How you can leverage Hangry

Connect with your consumer on-the-go in their moment of need. Trial and sell products. Deliver digital media campaigns to captive riders. Engage with riders post checkout. Measure effectiveness and generate insights with Hangry’s monthly data reports.

Hangry has partnered with high growth and emerging brands

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